About Us

About No Excuses Period

We embody strength, determination, and style

No Excuses Period’s (NEP) Founder and CEO Marc Barnhill’s quest to create clothing and apparel to motivate and improve the wealth and health of everyone he meets is a driving force for NEP’s ever-evolving approach to product design and innovation.

Our slogan is “We embody strength, determination, and style” Our mission is to increase the wealth and health of every person we encounter.

Our CIO Bobby Allen has partnered with Our CEO to guide NEP into the future. We look forward to many years of Innovative, motivating apparel that increases the wealth and health of all. Along with the apparel we will be expanding personal training services and NEP Event Promotion Services.

Our Services

Clothing and Apparel

Every item in our collection is specifically designed to inspire wealth, health, and style. We intend to continue to provide high quality clothing that aligns with our mission.

Personal Training

We are expanding our Personal Training Services. Our goal is to have NEP Certified Trainers around the globe.

Event Promotion

No Excuses Period is planning many exciting events. Be on the lookout for text and email announcements. You will also find event information on our social media sites.

Our Team